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February 7, 2012 / missjaniece

Everybody has a story…

Weiner Riesenrad, Vienna Austria

…But not everybody is willing to share that story. Thanks to some encouraging words from a friend who has enjoyed my ramblings on Facebook lately (not sure if it was the political ramblings, the philosophical ramblings, or both), I’ve decided to take her advice and expand on my ramblings in a blog form. Expressing oneself through written word is one of the most freeing activities one can partake in. It is easy to lie to oneself (and thus the world) if your thoughts remained bottled up; it’s virtually impossible to lie once those words are put on paper. Having lies look back at you for even a few seconds is a haunting experience and essentially requires you to be honest from there on. It’s free therapy; sometimes the answer you were looking for was always inside of you; it just needed a vessel to escape from layers of hurt, shame, and confusion under which it was hiding. Hopefully these ramblings will inspire us all to dig a little deeper inside and not fear facing the truth that lies within.


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  1. justgngr / May 10 2012 3:04 am

    congrats on taking the leap and “preaching” the written word! Looking forward to what is to come, baby girl 🙂

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